the new television word challange

A New & Modern Take

TYLZ takes a classic word spelling game and gives it a faster, more modern, and fun edge. Don't have 2 hours to spare for an entire word game? TYLZ has two blitz timing modes for the ultimate challange - with 120 & 60 second turns. Prefer a more relaxed style? Then the chill "No Timer" option is your answer. But it doesn't stop there, each gamer gets 6 new tiles EVERY turn, and there's no reason to be shy here... you're letters are exposed! So give TYLZ a try and play this classic word game with a whole new twist.

  • Up to 4 players - choose between 12 fun avatars to match your personality
  • 120 & 60 second modes give this classic game a whole new challange
  • New, exposed letters EVERY turn!


Take a look inside TYLZ

for all your devices

TYLZ for TV is compatible with Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. TYLZ brings friendly fun to your living room no matter what device you have to connect to an online app store. Download the app and instantly start having fun with all of your friends and family.


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